it’s hard to find something in a man who rejects people as much as you do


I saw The jealousy of Bushy Brow and I got shivers!!!! Looky!!!

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Remove my gifs from this post please. Thank you.

This site is a bane to my productivity. I’ll be offline for awhile longer. 

Also, Assassin’s Creed IV has me fairly occupied and inspired. Don’t be surprised if I churn out some fan art of my favorite character in that universe.


"Creeping Death" A Sannin Era zombie comic in collaboration with immortal-snake-god-orochimaru.
I hope you enjoy the symbolism and the story that will unfold.

On my deviantart. Please do not steal my art.

❝ I don’t like needing anyone for anything. ❞
- Jackie Robinson (via li-berum)

ball python morphs by constrictors unlimited




wow, this is like every anime fan remembering their weeaboo stage.

Even Naruto is embarrassed of his Naruto stage.

Even Naruto is embarrassed of his Naruto stage